2017 Semifinalist
City of Glendale, CA
January 1, 2017

The Glendale City Council began Work Boot Tuesdays (WBT) in February 2015 as an outgrowth of the Mayor’s effort to conduct more outreach to the community, as well as edify the City Council team about significant public service and infrastructure efforts underway. WBT occurs on a monthly basis in lieu of the City Council’s customary afternoon session. The sessions are technically special City Council meetings, with roll call and public comment, with the purpose of putting boots on the ground and allowing Council Members and residents to familiarize themselves with the people and operations that deliver services to Glendale residents and businesses. The idea is to provide the City Council and the community with a better understanding of operations in a relevant and timely manner, prior to Council making a decision regarding that operation. This allows Council to make well-informed policy decisions, and allows the public to better understand both the operation and the decisions made by their elected officials. The idea of Work Boot Tuesday is not to cover the entirety of departmental operations in one session, but rather to allow policymakers and residents to work alongside one another and delve into the details through tours, live demonstrations, and in-person interactions.