2017 Semifinalist
City of Kansas City, MO
January 1, 2017

The Women's Empowerment initiative, WE, is Kansas City's public/private partnership with the Central Exchange, Women's Foundation of Greater Kansas City and the UMKC Women's Center. The goal is to create and implement a comprehensive blueprint of data-driven strategies that make city government more effective for the women who work in it, wish to do business with it, and want to serve the community on boards and commissions. Many of the solutions proposed after surveying city employees were low or no cost changes, including a City-wide policy on breastmilk pumping facilities and piloting flexible work schedules. The City partnered with the Women’s Foundation on the Appointments Project, which recruits and trains women to serve on boards and commissions. Since the advent of the Appointments Project, female representation on City boards has increased from roughly one-third to over 41 percent.