May 24, 2018
National Association of Counties

Of the 133 counties in Virginia, Washington County falls right in the middle when it comes to its overall rankings of health outcomes, based on 2018 County Health Rankings and Roadmaps data. The rural county is home to just under 55,000 residents, and is located in the southwestern portion of the state, an area that is traditionally ranked poorly due to factors such as drug use and lack of access to health care. However, Washington County was one of the only counties in Southwest Virginia to fall above the 100 mark in this year’s rankings, a feat that can be attributed to the work the community has taken on to address the issues that have plagued this area for so long.

The county, under the council of a multi-sectoral team of individuals brought together by the Rural Impact County Challenge (RICC) Community Coaching Program, is headed towards the assurance of economic prosperity through investments in early childhood and workforce development.

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