2018 Top 25
City of New York, NY
May 9, 2019
City of New York, NY

An evolving technological business environment is changing the way we do work, making both a skilled workforce and an adaptable training system essential. In New York City, even with thriving tech companies and infrastructure to support good training, businesses still struggle to fill openings and tech jobs remain out of reach for many residents. To align employer demand with labor supply, the city developed its Tech Talent Pipeline (TTP) in 2014, designed to support the inclusive growth of the city’s tech ecosystem by delivering quality jobs for residents and quality talent for businesses.

TTP works directly with 225 companies, using sophisticated data to measure skill supply and demand; define needs; develop accessible education, training, and hiring solutions; and address systemic issues preventing New Yorkers from participating in tech-centered jobs. Additionally, 15 presidents and provosts of local institutions work with the pipeline to inform curricula, scale proven programs, address skill gaps, and promote faculty-industry exchanges.