January 2017
Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Harvard Kennedy School
  • water and dam

“Tapping Private Financing and Delivery to Modernize America’s Federal Water Resources” is based on themes derived from various roundtable discussions convened by Professor Stephen Goldsmith in which stakeholders and senior federal leaders discussed the current challenges facing water resource infrastructure from across the country and how innovative finance and delivery approaches, such as public-private partnership (P3), can strengthen modernization and expansion efforts.

The report explores important strategies and potential policy solutions to enable private financing and delivery that transfers risk away from taxpayers, accelerates project schedules, and enables life-cycle efficiency in critical U.S. water resource projects. To address the nation’s crumbling infrastructure while benefiting users and taxpayers alike, the report explores removing obstacles for P3 financing for water infrastructure, reexamining current budget-scoring practices, and providing support to non-federal sponsors.

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