2001-2002 winner
Haikou Municipality, Hainan Province
Innovations and Excellence in Local Chinese Governance in China
Innovations and Excellence in Local Chinese Governance in China
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As a product of the reform of the project reviewing and approval system, the systems of direct handling, window service and committed social services are called the "Three Systems" in Haikou City. In 1992, when Hainan Province started building its provincial level Special Economic Zone(SEZ) and many external investors rushed to Hainan, the redundancies in investment project review and approval procedures became evident. Therefore, since 1992, the Municipal Government and the 16 functional agencies relevant to investment review and approval led the reform of the project review and approval system. The reform features the following measures:
- Those project applications that may be directly registered or handled should be handled directly.
- Those project applications that should be kept for review and approval should be handled in one window externally and by one continuous line of service internally. This is called the window service system.
- The committed social service system regulates the time limit and self-disciplinary measures pertaining to project review and approval and to other services for the convenience of the people.
Since 1996, with strong support of the current Municipal Party Secretary of Haikou, the Office of the Three Systems in Haikou has been spreading the systems to the whole city; this has resulted in the adoption of the systems by 117 agencies so far. In recent years, this office has promoted the adoption of the Three Systems in governmental departments by promoting the assessment and election of culturally and ideologically advanced government officials, taking the Three Systems as the core parameters. This assessment and election adopts a dual mechanism by assessing the best and the worst in the examination and by assessing by department concerned and by public participation.
The Three Systems pioneered the earliest trials of the reform of the project reviewing and approval system among local governments in China, and therefore it is very creative. The Three Systems and Dual Mechanism for Assessment of the reform of the review and approval system is easy to learn and easy to implement, and therefore it has a great potential for dissemination. The systems and the mechanism are now utilized province-wide. The Three Systems have been utilized for a long time and show high sustainability. The government functional agencies that have adopted the Three Systems have made great improvements in the location of government functions, internal working processes, and service time framework and service quality. The reforms of Three Systems can never be reversed. With the operation of the Three Systems, the investment atmosphere in Haikou has been distinctly improved, and the image of the Party and Government has been greatly improved. This has proved the success of the development of the Three Systems.