Susu Thatun is UNICEF’s specialist on the issue of child trafficking and migration. Prior to joining UNICEF HQ in 2009, Susu worked on the issue of human trafficking in the Asia Pacific region for some ten years in varying capacities including as the regional manager of the UN – interagency project on human trafficking in the Mekong region and as World Vision Australia’s Senior Policy Advisor on Human Trafficking. Susu has worked at all levels from country to regional to global – from raising the profile of the issue with national governments, to bringing a much needed empowering policy environment, to the development of various capacity building tools, to establishing mechanisms for the effective repatriation of the victims of trafficking to their homes voluntarily and with dignity. Before beginning her work in the development sector in 1999, Susu taught at a number of academic institution in Asia for some 13 years.

Susu is a national of Myanmar. She holds a PhD in International Political Economy from University of Tsukuba, Japan.