November 1, 2005
Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, Harvard Kennedy School
This survey outlines recent innovations in energy policy at the state level across the U.S. It is organized by state. Below we have provided a list of the survey's contents by topic.

Multi-State Cooperative Initiatives

  • Western Governors Association: Clean and Diversified Energy Initiative (led by CA and NM)
  • Eight Midwestern states entered into the Memorandum of Understanding for a Midwest Natural Gas Initiative
  • The Governor's Ethanol Coalition was formed to increase the use of ethanol fuels ( chaired by Gov. Pawlenty of MN)
  • Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine will ban MtBE in gasoline as of January 2007

Assistance for Low-Income Residents

  • Home weatherization assistance: CT, IL, MD, MT
  • Monetary assistance with heating and cooling costs: DE, MD, WI
  • Voluntary monetary donations on utility bills: CT
  • Multi-agency plans to assist with rising heating costs: VA

Energy Awareness

  • Energy Awareness Month: DE
  • Website devoted to cost-saving tips: KS
  • Incentives for educators to teach about natural resources: OK

Emergency Management

  • Additional energy conservation initiatives after Hurricane Katrina: FL

Conservation and Efficiency

  • "Green" housing for residents, business or public buildings: FL, MD, NV, NY
  • Free conservation and efficiency planning for residents: FL
  • State college and university programs to outfit campuses with energy efficient technologies: FL, NV
  • Grants and low-interest loans to help public school reduce energy costs and increase efficiency: MA, MO
  • Technical services for small businesses to achieve energy efficiency: IL

Alternative Fuels

  • New technology to convert biowaste to energy: CA
  • Tax incentives for using and producing biomass fuel: MD, SD
  • Increased use of anaerobic digestion to break down plant and animal waste for energy: MD, MN, WI
  • Initiatives to convert trees, wood and wood waste into electricity and renewable fuel: FL, MN, WA


  • General encouragement of biodiesel fuel in state vehicles: CA
Solar Energy
  • State programs for private corporations using solar technology: CA
  • Solar electric programs for public schools: FL
  • Financial incentives for homeowners using/installing solar heating or solar electricity: FL, ME, MD, NJ, OR
  • State-wide effort to install solar roofs: MO
  • General hydrogen technology initiative: FL
  • Tax credits for use of hydrogen technology: IA
  • State cooperation with the Department of Defense to use hydrogen fuels for the U.S. Military: ND
  • Initiatives to promote the use of clean coal fuels: KY, LA, PA
  • Initiative to tap into geothermal heat: OR
  • Using water sources such as rivers for hydropower: OH
  • Major off-shore wind farms: TX

Alternative Vehicles and Transportation

  • Alternative fuel and hybrid vehicles for state fleets: CT, FL
  • Extensive use of E10 and E85 fuel: IA, MN, NE
  • State-sponsored rideshare programs: MO
  • Tax credits for hybrid vehicles: OR
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