2017 Bright Idea
Clerk & Comptroller, Palm Beach County, FL
January 1, 2017

The Summer Financial Literacy Work Experience provides students with exposure to the world of public and personal finance, public service, and job readiness. Students receive an overview of the county clerk and comptroller’s office and hands-on experiences in government finance, personal finances, professional development, information technology, and the justice system. The finance, communications, court operations, information technology, and human resources departments collaborate to coordinate tours and workshops through all clerk office divisions, allowing students to experience various department functions while creating awareness for the critical role finance plays throughout the organization. Students work collectively for portions of the program before breaking into small groups, or “Pods,” for more granular experiences. Each Pod rotates through the finance department, gaining hands-on training, understanding and perspective of the different types of jobs in the financial field. Student recruitment begins in March, and by May the itinerary is set and students are notified of acceptance to the program. The program runs for 12 business days. At the conclusion, students receive 72 credits towards community service hours as well as transferrable knowledge and skills concerning finance and the public sector.