2017 Bright Idea
Brevard School District, FL
January 1, 2017

Brevard's STEAM-themed magnet schools focus on the engineering design process in every subject through magnet best practices, and anchor the engineering design process through innovation, creation and design, as well as explicit arts. Curriculum, technology, and equipment provide students with opportunities to design objects, 3-D print, build and engineer things in maker spaces, test items on the international space station through a NASA Hunch partnership, fly simulators, and much more. With the growth of the maker movement over the last three years, the four schools have changed course slightly by partnering with industry experts in burgeoning fields in the tinker movement, fab lab, and design spaces. The schools report to the US Department of Education twice per year from 2013–2016, and have recruited over 800 students for the 2016–17 school year. In 2017, Brevard is slated to open four new STEAM-themed magnet schools by using ideas from partners across the country who are blazing trails in these STEAM fields.