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Peru - Puesto de Salud Independencia
The Participation and Local Management Program in Peru
The Participation and Local Management Program in Peru
This project has been developed by the Posto de Saude do Povo Jovem Independente (Health Unit of the Young Independent People), with the support of the NGO "CEDER". The community leaders of many neighboring villages, and various local institutions and organizations of civil society are also involved.

The primary target of the project is young citizens who have dropped out of school. They are invited to participate in several activities, which were developed to increase their self-esteem, promote social values, prevent undesirable pregnancy and sexually transmissible diseases, and discuss job opportunities. The program has benefited 158 young people and teenagers, 80 percent through health prevention and 20 percent through job opportunities.
Contact Information:
Gina Ramos
Responsible Zonal
Puesto de Salud de Independencia
Phone: (51)(054) 27-0799
[email protected]
Av. Francisco
Mostajo 601 - Pueblo Joven Independencia
Phone: (51)(054) 20-2734