February 1, 2003
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, John F. Kennedy School of Government
The UNCTAD Division on Investment, Technology and Enterprise Development serves as a focal point within the United Nations Secretariat for all matters related to foreign direct investment, transnational corporations, enterprise development, and science and technology for development. In its work in the area of science and technology, the Division aims at furthering the understanding of the relationship between science, technology and development, contributing to the elucidation of global issues raised by advances in science and technology; promoting international cooperation on science and technology among Governments, enterprises and academic sectors, particularly between those of developed and developing countries and transitional economies; and promoting technological capacity-building and enhancing entrepreneurship and competitiveness in developing countries, particularly the least developing among them. This publication seeks to contribute to exploring current science and technology issues with particular emphasis on their impact on developing countries.
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