Authors: Harini Angara
July 2010
John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

This resource map has been created as part of SJ2020, the initiative to close the achievement gap in San José by 2020, led by Mayor Chuck Reed and the City of San José, Superintendent Charles Weis and the Santa Clara County Office of Education, and partner organizations across sectors in San José. The following document compiles information about the work of 52 of these partner organizations.

The resource map is intended to serve several purposes: 1) to provide information to SJ2020 leadership and partners about general trends among services for youth in San José, as well as information about specific organizations; 2) to understand the ways in which partner organizations’ work interconnects and corresponds with SJ2020 focus areas; 3) to set up a dynamic source of information about resources for youth that parents, students, teachers, and community members can easily access; 4) to serve as a springboard for further study of the specific benefits, challenges, gaps, and overlaps in resources provided to youth by organizations working in San José.

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