March 1, 2006
Joint Center for Housing Studies, Harvard University
In 2004, the Joint Center for Housing Studies released a set of household projections incorporating the Census Bureau's then recently released interim population projections that were informed by a baseline population count from the 2000 Census (N04-1: The Impact of New Census Bureau Interim National Population Projections on Projected Household Growth in the United States). At the time that we wrote that paper we anticipated that we would be able to produce a completely new set of household projections in 2005 when the Census Bureau was scheduled to release an entirely new set of population projections based upon a new methodology and a revised set of demographic assumptions. Consequently, the 2004 paper presented household projections with limited demographic detail and without a tenure breakdown. The scheduled 2005 Census Bureau population projections were not released last year, and it has now become apparent that they are unlikely to be released in early 2006. Because of the need to have accurate household projections with greater detail than those we produced in 2004, we have undertaken the exercise presented in this paper in order to provide better information for those who use Joint Center household projections in their long-term planning.
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