Participation and Local Management Program, Peru

San Jeronimo and Coporaque are two districts in the Cusco area. Both, located in the Peruvian rural highlands, are considered amongst the poorest in the country where the conditioned cash transfer (CCT) program Juntos operates, assisting its poorest citizens providing them with cash, subject to a series of conditions, so they can satisfy their basic needs. While these CCT programs, help alleviate poverty at the short term, most, such as Juntos, lack the mechanisms to give beneficiary families alternatives for generating and/or accumulating assets, and therefore generating poverty alleviation at the long term. Given this context and drawing on two prior experiences, the Puno-Cusco Corridor Development Program and the Southern Highlands Development Program, and in partnership with the Bank of the Nation, AgroRural and ST-Cias, with technical assistance from the CapitalProject, Juntos designed a pilot program to provide beneficiaries in both districts, Coporaque and San Jeronimo, with financial tools through the use and management of savings accounts. The goal of this pilot project is to provide financial tools and lay the groundwork for possible strategies to enable beneficiaries of the Juntos Program to exit poverty.

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