Authors: Rhoda Kadalie
April 29, 2005
Development Gateway
This interview with Rhoda Kadalie, Executive Director, Impumelelo Innovations Award Trust is part of a Special Report on Public Sector Transparency on the Development Gateway portal. Rhoda Kadalie is executive director of the Impumelelo Innovations Award Trust based in South Africa. Involved in human rights and social development work, she was previously a commissioner on South Africa's Human Rights Commission and the director of the District Six land claims unit for the Commission on the Restitution of Land Rights. The Impumelelo Trust, based on an isiXosa word that means "success by working together" rewards innovative government and civil society initiatives that improve social service delivery in the eradication of poverty. Kadalie holds an MA degree from the Institute for Social Studies in the Netherlands. In 1999 she was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Uppsala in Sweden. She received the human rights award from the organization of South African Women for Women in 2003.
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