2017 Bright Idea
County of Oakland, MI
January 1, 2017

In response to increased opioid usage in Oakland County, the Prescription Drug Abuse Partnership (OCPDAP) was convened March 2015 by the Oakland County Health Division (OCHD), comprised of multidisciplinary members who actively work to prevent prescription drug abuse and overdose deaths. Partnership members include local physicians, pharmacists, substance abuse treatment and prevention agencies, court judges, law enforcement, the Drug Enforcement Administration, public health, academia, and grassroots organizations. An awareness campaign was implemented to educate the 1.2 million residents in Oakland County and those who work and play in the county about monitoring, educating, disposing, and securing prescription drugs. Transit advertising on SMART buses was initially run in October 2014 and again from August 2015 through October 2015, coinciding with the evidence-based SCOPE of Pain training from Boston University’s School of Medicine on October 3, 2016, and with National Medicine Abuse Awareness Month. Planning for the SCOPE of Pain training began in early 2015 and targeted all health-care professionals who prescribed opioids, as well as medical students and dentists.

OCPDAP is led with in-kind resources from OCHD staff, including a director, administrator, health education supervisor, and a health educator. Staff time includes planning and implementation of trainings, meetings and events, correspondence, coordination of promotional campaigns and subcommittees, and research. OCPDAP’s achievements include creating and sustaining a diverse partnership, implementing a Drug Death Review Committee with Oakland County’s Medical Examiner, providing the SCOPE of Pain training to 130 physicians, reaching over 300,000 residents via transit advertising, and establishing three subcommittees.