2017 Bright Idea
State of Colorado
January 1, 2017

Colorado’s Performance Management Academy prepares top state government leaders to implement quantifiably higher quality strategic plans that drive better outcomes for citizens. The custom-built academy provides low-cost, best practice-based adult learning that drives impact on a tremendous scale, by improving how employees work at every department. The program was designed with the support of external consultants, and typically featured external trainers, receiving generally positive feedback, but with critical commentary focused on the structure, trainers, and focus of the program. Subsequent academy classes were modified based on direct customer input, and have achieved significant success. The key changes included anchoring the curriculum around the core objective to help leaders build and implement high quality performance plans; expanding the audience to include leaders who both build and implement the plans; featuring more internal, state-employed trainers to provide practical and ground-tested guidance and boost connectivity with the class (and reduce cost); incorporating more practical frameworks, concepts and tools (e.g., logic tree); and helping attendees address their real world problems in the class or during homework. The impact of these improvements has been significant: participant feedback demonstrated 79 percent comfort with performance management concepts and tools after the second academy, and 82 percent after the third. The second academy achieved a 93 percent customer satisfaction rating (96 percent for the third academy) and 96 percent of attendees would recommend the academy to a colleague (100 percent for the third academy).