2006 Local Citizen Management Prize
Municipalidad de Illapel, Coquimbo, Chile
The Citizenship and Local Management Program in Chile
The Citizenship and Local Management Program in Chile

The Participatory Municipal Management Project (Gestión Municipal Participativa, GMP) seeks to strengthen citizen participation in selecting and prioritizing municipal government initiatives in Illapel. It operates as an alliance between the leadership of the Union for Communal Meetings of Rural and Urban Neighbors and local authorities. This project began in 2003, with the development of a participatory budgeting methodology, which has become a model for encouraging citizen participation in different municipal areas of the city's government.

The GMP project has focused on institutionalization of citizen participation by framing a Decree of Citizen Participation. It has also undertaken campaigns to fortify democratic participation of local citizens in determining the allocation of municipal investment.

The GMP has received this award for its successful efforts to improve citizenship in Illapel by emphasizing the importance of public management, responding to community demands, and institutionalizing a new language for collaboration between public authorities and civil society.

Contact Information
Luis Segundo Lemus Aracena
Alcalde de Illapel
Constitución 24, Illapel, Chile
Telephone: (53) 522203
E-mail: [email protected]
Web site: http://www.municipalidadillapel.cl/