Report and Recommendations of the Florida TaxWatch Government Cost Savings Task Force to Save More Than $3 Billion (State of Florida)

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Report Date: 2010

Produced For: Florida citizens and policymakers

Produced By: Florida TaxWatch, an independent, nonpartisan taxpayer association

Dedicated to government accountability and improving taxpayer value, the Florida TaxWatch launched a task force to examine Florida’s budget and tax structure. The Florida TaxWatch report provides suggestions to eliminate the current waste of taxpayer dollars within state government. The recommendations span across eight chapters focusing on improvements to the criminal justice, health-care, and education systems. Detailed suggestions for state and federal revenue maximization, fraud reduction, and purchasing and asset management are made with reference to budgetary goals and overall service improvements. The report uniquely includes a set of guiding principles for its recommendations, such as reforming incentive structures that deter efficiency improvements and prioritizing spending to focus resources on core functions of government.

Photo credit: Artie White / CC BY 


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