Iowa Efficiency Review Report to Governor Chet Culver and Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge (State of Iowa)

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Report Date: 2009

Produced For: Governor Chet Culver and Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge

Produced By: Public Works, LLC and Iowa state employees

In response to the national economic crisis and across-the-board budget cuts, Iowa Governor Chet Culver launched the Iowa Efficiency Review to refocus state government goals on budget-saving results rather than processes. The report proposes opportunities to eliminate outdated practices, increase statewide efficiencies, incorporate information technology solutions, and implement new sources of non-tax funding to help Iowa achieve a balanced budget. The report’s recommendations also address “commonsense” changes, such as requiring employees to pay for driving safety courses required because of driving violations. Of particular note, the review labels recommendations as executive or legislative responsibilities, and includes a backlog of additional ideas about human resources practices for further analysis and consideration.

Photo credit: Paul Welmer / CC BY


PDF icon Iowa Efficiency Review Report Final.pdf