Albany Countywide Government Efficiency Plan (Albany County, NY)

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Report Date: 2015

Produced for: The Albany County Local Government Collaboration for Efficiency Project

Produced by: Municipal and district leaders, board members and overseers, Efficiency Project staff, and the Center for Research, Regional Education, and Outreach at SUNY New Paltz

The nineteen Albany County local governments involved in the Government Efficiency Plan devised a countywide collaboration to enhance service agreements and mergers between the county’s local governments and special districts. In adherence with the 2014 New York Property Tax Freeze Credit Law, the plan’s guiding principle of property tax reduction streamlines local activities into countywide initiatives. The plan builds on an established record of shared services throughout Albany County, and projects Albany County homeowners to receive an estimated $2.5 million in property tax rebates. While noting specific impediments to achieving shared service goals across the county, the plan’s main efficiency goals target consolidated dispatch operations and joint enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Photo credit: flickr / CC BY


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