2005 Winner
Limpopo Province, South Africa
Impumelelo Innovations Award Trust
Impumelelo Innovations Award Trust
South Africa

Description: Operation Tiba began in January 2004 as a SAPS initiative to combat stock theft in the Limpopo province at large. These thefts resulted huge losses to rural communities who relied on stock as a form of income and a measurement of wealth. In partnership with the provincial department of agriculture, health and safety and security, the SAPS teamed up with a number of farmers' organisations to set up a plan to combat stock theft. The plan aimed to more thoroughly investigate the thefts through involvement from the community, following up on leads and putting in place stock-rearing practices, which would help to make stolen stock more identifiable. The SAPS solely funded the project.

Innovation: This project is not particularly innovative but put in place a service which wasn't previously being performed very well.

Effectiveness: The project has resulted in a 60% drop in stock theft. Within 2 months of the project beginning, 949 cattle and 265 sheep were recovered. Over the course of the last year, 189 arrests have been made and 89 convictions achieved.

Poverty Impact: The local communities have benefited through the retrieval of stolen stock and the improved combating of theft. The community has showed its enthusiasm by helping in a number of cases to provide evidence to the police on incidents of theft.

Sustainability: This project is to continue for as long as is needed but has more specific aims for the next three years. The project is funded solely by the SAPS, which means possible expansion is unlikely. Financial management is taken care of within the SAPS structure.

Replication: The project provides a goods service but it doesn't seem like it has employed many innovative or new plans in tackling the stock theft. It would be good for other provinces to make a concerted effort to tackle stock theft but this model doesn't seem to show any distinguishing features.