2003 Winner
Western Cape Province, South Africa
Impumelelo Innovations Award Trust
Impumelelo Innovations Award Trust
South Africa

In 1992 the Oasis Recycling & Waste Management Project was implemented in Elsies River & Claremont in the Western Cape. The primary objective of the project is to provide meaningful & sustainable employment to adults with intellectual disabilities. To make this possible partnerships were formed with various government departments, the National Development Agency, Sappi, Plastics Federation of South Africa, Fairest Cape Association & the National Lottery Distribution Board. These partnerships have resulted in the following activities; special events clean ups (e.g. J&B Met, Kenilworth; Community Chest Carnival; Two Oceans Marathon), educational programmes (green bag campaign), business & collections (monthly 1200 voluntary drops occur from domestic households), recycling & re-use production & marketing (making people aware of the service rendered by the project). The success of this project is evident by the many awards that have received.

Innovation: When recycling was still a relatively new concept, the Oasis Association could picture the benefits that it could have for intellectually impaired individuals.

Effectiveness: 24 protective workshops provide employment to 1969 people with disability. Ten (10) of these workshops provide services specifically to 1020 people with id. Oasis employs 336 workers therefore employs 33% of this workforce with id. Achievements include the Green Award 2001 (Mail & Gaurdian / Nedbank), Caltex Environmental Award 2001, etc. Special Events Clean Ups (5 tons of material were collected at the J&B Met, Kenilworth, 154ms of cardboard, glass bottles & cans at the Community Chest Carnival, 55ms at the Two Oceans marathon). Educational programmes (Green Bag Campaign) etc. these materials are recycled an in this way employment is created for people with id.

Poverty Impact: The positive impact of this project relates to the many jobs that are created, while providing a secure working environment for people with id. Some of those employed are the sole breadwinners, while other caregivers are able to pursue other income generating activities.

Sustainability: Funding and income generating activities indicate that the project will be able to continue for the foreseeable future.

Replication: Possible given the necessary support from the community & government.