Nick Kittle is the Chief Innovation Officer for Adams County, Colorado, and manages the organization’s performance, innovation, sustainability, business solutions, and training and development efforts. Nick spends his time making government creative, accountable and transparent, and makes it his mission to help great people do great things. During his career, Nick has owned and sold his own company, worked for Fortune 100 companies, managed 17 different government divisions and is responsible for the implementation of over 65 unique or first-of-their-kind pilot projects. Nick is a nationally recognized civic innovator, and founded one of the first five government innovation offices in the country in 2009, pioneering the concept of “innovation value.” Nick trains organizations on innovation techniques and in his 7 years as a professional civic innovator has worked with cities such as Colorado Springs, Kansas City, San Jose, and Austin on their innovation efforts. In his spare time, Nick is an active public speaker, trainer adventurer, father, artist, BBQ pitmaster and disc golfer. Nick may be found on Twitter @kittlent.