National Institute of Justice
The cover article in this issue of the National Institute of Justice Journal focuses on reentry programs for women offenders. Are reentry programs originally developed for male inmates effective in helping the increasing numbers of female inmates reintegrate into society? The article summarizes a number of NIJ studies that examined keys to the effectiveness of reentry programs for women offenders. Other articles in this issue:
  • "A The Voice Response Translator: A Valuable Police Tool"
  • "A Telemarketing Predators: Finally, We've Got Their Number"
  • "A Truth in Sentencing and State Sentencing Practices"
  • "Special Technologies for Law Enforcement and Corrections"
The issue also includes, in the At-A-Glance section, summaries of NIJ research on human trafficking, on prosecutors' programs geared to help victims, and on the decline of intimate partner homicide.
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