2017 Bright Idea
County of Stafford, VA
January 1, 2017

The myStafford Customer Portal is a forward-thinking mobile friendly e-billing, business e-filing, and payment solution for the citizens and businesses of Stafford County. It simplifies the user experience, offering online management of various accounts, bill tracking, and payment from a single convenient website, regardless of the originating office or department. Using a phased approach, utility payments was the first and most impactful service to be deployed. Launched in August 2013, the time from concept to deployment was less than five months. Additional payments types and enhancements were prioritized and introduced based on impact, availability of backend systems and resources, and seasonality of the billing periods. Real estate taxes were deployed in 2014 followed by personal property taxes and an integrated e-filing application for businesses to file fiduciary taxes online early in 2016. Planned enhancements include payment scheduling, dog license payments, and e-filing enhancements.

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