2017 Bright Idea
Village of Glenview, IL
January 1, 2017

Beginning in 2010, 18 municipalities in Illinois began working together to purchase shared services and commodities, referred to as the Municipal Partnering Initiative (MPI). Drawn from familiar concepts like the power of bulk purchasing, MPI saves tax dollars while preserving service levels and quality. The MPI is a voluntary program that functions without a memorandum of understanding, formal membership, fees, or mandatory duties. Annually the group compiles a list of communities’ needs and divides the projects based on budget and geography. Communities can participate in whatever bids meet their needs and the participating governments take turns on leading the bids. The city administrators continue to meet on an annual basis to review MPI participation to foster shared responsibility and accountability, and maintain it as a cooperative venture rather than formalize and add administrative overhead costs. The initiative has grown to over 30 local government entities participating in over 25 projects in the Lake/Cook county region and the economies of scale have translated into savings, achieving total aggregate savings of approximately $2.1 to $2.6 million for the taxpayers of the participating towns from 2011–2015.