2001 Winner
Western Cape Province, South Africa
Impumelelo Innovations Award Trust
Impumelelo Innovations Award Trust
South Africa
The objective of the project was to implement permanent repairs to the flood damaged road through the Swartberg Mountain between De Rust and Klaarstroom.
Innovation: Rest area facilities were also established. The local communities manage these. The idea is to involve local communities, as partners, to create sustainable job opportunities with the focus on tourism. The targeted communities that would benefit from the project include Oudtshoorn, Dysselsdorp, De Rust and Klaarstroom.
Poverty Impact: The project was officially opened in October 2000. The project took a holistic approach to the problem. Various skills were transferred to Affirmable Business Enterprises (ABE's) and Previously Disadvantaged Individuals (PDI's). This empowers them to tender for repair work and efficiently manage the rest areas. The local community was involved in the overall long-term strategy. In addition, any further improvements will offer additional long-term employment opportunities in collaboration with the Department of Nature Conservation as the project falls within the Swartberg Nature Reserve.
Sustainability: The repair works have been successfully completed with the involvement of local ABE's and labour. Training opportunities were offered during the repair contract. More than 80% of the labour for the repair contract was sourced from local communities. More than 200 local labourers were employed on the project. 100% of the staff for the management of the rest areas was sourced from local communities. Local ABEs/labourers were offered training opportunities during contracts. The management of the rest areas is awarded to a local ABE contractor who employs personnel from surrounding towns. 20 permanent job opportunities were created.
Replication: The Transport branch is committed to funding the management of the rest areas. The Swartberg Nature Reserve in collaboration with the Department of Nature will also generate income. The principles could be applied to other projects. The main obstacle would be the capital expenditure requirements.