Authors: T. Donnelly
Great Britain Home Office

Discussing United Kingdom police officers' need for less lethal weapon technologies, this report reviews and evaluates commercially available weapon possibilities. After discussing the need for less lethal weaponry for the business of policing in crowds and other scenarios, the author of this report discusses the phases of review and assessment of various less lethal weapons options. Discussing the various alternative technologies as impact or kinetic energy devices, long-range chemical delivery devices, water cannons, electronic devices, and distraction/disorientation devices, this report details each of the specific weapons being manufactured within these categories. A series of charts, graphs, and photographs describing the weapons and the results of impact testing for each potential police weapon is followed by evaluation criteria documenting the effectiveness of each weapon in policing. Health and safety issues are addressed along with operational issues within each category. After presenting the various weapons for evaluation as new police equipment, the author concludes that further testing of all of the described devices will continue to assess their potential use in policing. This report also includes a glossary of terms and suggestions for further research.

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