Kaira Batiz will be an eighth grade student at Global Tech Prep this fall. She’s been a student in the school since its founding. Kaira was born in Honduras and moved to New York with her mother. Although they have struggled with both finances and housing in NYC, Kaira and her mom have never lost sight of the importance of a good education. In fact, Kaira says their difficulties just make her want to work harder. Kaira is an excellent student, but she particularly excels in mathematics. This summer, she was elated to learn that after two years at Global Tech, she raised her mathematics state test to the highest score possible.
At Global Tech, Kaira has taken advantage of the many programs the school offers, including earning a scholarship to study and visit Washington, D.C. She also actively participates in the school’s extended learning day, which offers homework assistance, college preparation, and hands-on career exploration through apprenticeships, which is made possible by Global Tech’s partnership with Citizen Schools. Kaira would like to attend Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and wants to be a doctor. She is an avid reader and is about to begin The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.