2003-2004 Winner
Nanning City, Guangxi Autonomous Region
Innovations and Excellence in Local Chinese Governance in China
Innovations and Excellence in Local Chinese Governance in China
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The Nanning Joint Emergency Response System went into formal operation in May 2002 after a period of experimental operation in 2001. Taking advantage of integrated digital and Internet technology, the system incorporates all of the formerly separate social emergency management services into a comprehensive integrated command and control system by connecting the 110 police emergency service, the 119 fire alarm service, the 120 medical emergency service, the 122 transportation emergency service and 12345 Mayor's hotline service. At present, Nanning city is planning to develop the Joint Emergency Response System into a comprehensive system for emergency response social service. In addition to the emergency response system which is now in operation, the city is currently experimenting with a non-emergency service system. It also plans to develop a joined station in 2004 for dealing with major accidents and disasters.
The Nanning Joint Emergency Response System is the first emergency management system developed in China by integrating the emergency management models from developed countries with practical conditions of our country. Differing from the emergency management systems in other cities in China, Nanning emergency management system combines different separately-operated emergency services of 110, 119, 120 and 122 emergency services, and provides unified emergency reporting, management, and control, and joint emergency response.
The operation of the Nanning Joint Emergency Response System has drawn wide attention from various sectors of society. Many visitors have come to study and examine the system, including national and Party leaders, delegations from relevant central government commissions, ministries, and bureaus, delegations from Hong Kong Special Administration Region, many local government leaders, and foreign delegations from European Union, the United States of America, and Vietnam.
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