2017 Bright Idea
City of Hillsboro, OR
January 1, 2017

Hillsboro’s Job Training Opportunity Program (JTOP) provides a unique opportunity for talented, bilingual residents to gain work experience and training that could inspire a public service career. The city hires Spanish-speaking individuals, who might not otherwise work in local government, to help deliver excellent customer service for the community. Speaking Spanish and having an interest in customer service are the two primary requirements of the program. This structure created an opportunity for the city of Hillsboro to develop a hiring process that does not focus on experience or required skills. Applicants take part in a “skills assessment” and an interview process with questions geared toward their understanding of customer service. The applicants who successfully complete the interview and demonstrate a desire to participate in the JTOP program are selected randomly for the positions. In its first three years, 18 individuals have participated in JTOP, and several program graduates have interviewed and been hired for full-time positions with the city of Hillsboro.

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