2006 Positive Public Politics and Social Promotion Award
Comité Vida Chile de Camiña, Camiña, Chile
The Citizenship and Local Management Program in Chile
The Citizenship and Local Management Program in Chile

This initiative, organized by the Camiña Committee on Chile Life, mobilizes a broad range of existing organizations and institutions in the territory of Camiña to promote health care and cultural development among the rural residents of the area. Programs include construction of community gymnasiums and implementation of traditional dance training, to combine physical exercise with cultural experience.

In addition to local improvement in health and quality of life, the Camiña Committee's proximity to Peru has had the unintended benefit of allowing its programs to serve communities in this neighboring country.

The initiative's unusual tactic of combining cultural activities and health objectives has allowed reformers to not only raise the quality of health care among rural residents of Camiña, but also to integrate service delivery to rural, impoverished, and geographically isolated localities.