2015 Semifinalist
City of New York, NY
Innovations in American Government Awards
New York

The Manhattan District Attorney’s office has reimagined the role of the prosecutor through the development of the intelligence-driven prosecution model. Rather than simply being reactive to crime, the intelligence-driven prosecution model strives to reduce crime proactively through innovative, data-driven, crime-fighting strategies. Through intelligence analysis, and in partnership with local communities and police, the Crime Strategies Unit targets violent crime hotspots in Manhattan. When drivers of crime or entrenched crime hotspots are identified, dedicated teams of prosecutors from throughout the office are assigned to fully understand the nature of the problem and design proactive prosecution strategies to address it. IDP takes the use of data and community partnerships to the next level, using timely and accurate sharing of intelligence throughout the office to transform all 500 of the office’s prosecutors into de facto community prosecutors focused on the same goal of crime reduction.