2007 Winner
Institute of Technical Education of Singapore
IBM Innovations Award in Transforming Government
IBM Innovations Award in Transforming Government

The Institute of Technical Education of Singapore was formerly a last resort for low-achieving students. It underwent a ten-year reform plan revamping irrelevant curriculum, upgrading learning environments, and instating new academic requirements for current teachers.

The ITE Transformation Plan was launched in the following three strategic phases focused on improving its overall marketplace reception and optimizing the program’s location and curriculum for learning:

  • Phase I (1995–1999): During the initial phase, ITE launched an innovative semester-based credit training initiative to better support students with course evaluation and selection. The Institute collaborated with international brand experts to develop new avenues for repositioning the Institute with outside stakeholders and students.
  • Phase II (2000–2004): In the second phase, outside industry experts worked with ITE leadership to revamp curriculum and promote higher learning standards among students and teaching staff. Irrelevant courses were replaced with learner-centric practical classes addressing the latest innovations in high technology. Additional teachers with practical expertise in the new curriculum’s innovative technology focus were recruited to join the teaching staff. Specialty schools in the areas of Applied and Health Sciences, Business and Services, Engineering and Information-Communications Technology were launched to host more than 50 pre-employment programs.
  • Phase III (2005–2009): Designed to further elevate the status and brand image of ITE throughout Singapore, the Institute leadership is currently consolidating its 11 campuses into three larger colleges with state-of-the-art laboratories and technical facilities. ITE College East was completed in 2005, and two additional colleges are slated for opening in 2010 and 2012. Throughout the reform plan, international business and technology industry partners continue to play a valuable role assisting with curriculum development, equipment donations and train-the-trainer programs. ITE fosters a newfound holistic approach to learning, integrating extra-curricular sports, arts and community activities into the technical-focused curriculum to ensure that all students have a holistic 'hands-on, minds-on and hearts-on' education.

About the Award:On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the The Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation awards program, the Institute teamed up with IBM to offer the IBM Innovations Award in Transforming Government. The winner of the inaugural IBM Innovations Award in Transforming Government was selected based on the innovation, effectiveness, significance, and transferability of its initiative. It will receive a cash award of (US) $100,000 to share its story with the world in order that the lessons learned may be adopted by governments of other countries.