Authors: Brian Kahin
January 1, 1993
Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University

The Information Infrastructure Project at Harvard''s Kennedy School of Government announces the publication of the Information Infrastructure Sourcebook, Version 2.0 (ISSN 1073-6921, December, 1993), edited by Brian Kahin. The Sourcebook is designed to provide provide planners and policymakers a single volume reference on efforts to define and develop policy for a national information infrastructure. It includes historical policy documents, private sector vision statements and position papers, program and project descriptions (all sectors), landmark reports and pending legislation. The Sourcebook is over 800 pages in length, containing approximately 1,500 pages of original material.

In assembling the Sourcebook, we have looked for documents that have had or are likely to have an impact on policy development, that are formal in nature, and that deal with information infrastructure at a general rather than topic level. In general, material is reproduced as is, although we have excerpted in the interests of space, relevance, balance and consistency. Because of changes in technology, markets, programs and policies, the Sourcebook will of necessity require supplementation or revision on a regular basis. So we will look for new or updated contributions whenever they become available.

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