2003 Winner
Province of Sihuas Ancash, Peru - Centro de Informacion y Desarrollo Integral de Autogestion CIDIAG
The Participation and Local Management Program in Peru
The Participation and Local Management Program in Peru

The Center for Information and Integral Development of Self-management organizes regular meetings ("Las Rondas Campesinas"), which allow citizens to participate in development planning as well as in the elaboration of proposals to be implemented at the district level.

The objective is to enable (and assist) the rural population to participate in local management and development. Thus far, citizens have actively participated in social events such as civic holidays, the day of the peasantry, international women's day, and children and teenagers' week.

These activities have contributed to improve self-esteem and citizenship. The project has also increased the cooperation between the local authorities, leaders and local families. They led to the creation of "negotiation" spaces and to the formulation of requests for public accountability.