2017 Bright Idea
City of Rancho Cucamonga, CA
January 1, 2017

Rancho Cucamonga has undergone a paradigm shift on how local government and community members address population health through its Healthy RC initiative. Healthy RC engages and empowers residents, especially those most affected by poor health, to identify health priorities and play a meaningful role in developing and implementing solutions. The involvement of the community (residents and agencies) is organized, supported, and sustained through the HRC Steering Committee and its network of topic-focused subcommittees, the Community Champions, and HRC Youth Leaders. This is complemented by the involvement of the city government with the city manager’s office, providing leadership and fostering buy-in and expertise from a wide variety of city departments (planning, community services, economic development, engineering, and others). While the cty initially played the role of convener and facilitator to launch HRC, roles have evolved over time with the initiative being driven by community needs and supported by a responsive city government. It is this balance of residents’ and community organizations’ initiative and involvement, coupled with city support, that creates the collective impact of HRC and continues to build and sustain its culture of health.