September 1, 2001
John F. Kennedy School of Government
Session One: A Federal System Struggles to Restructure its Electricity Sector: The European Union. Europe is facing the same fundamental questions concerning electric restructuring as the United States. What lessons are accumulating that could cross the Atlantic?
Session Two: Roller Coaster Prices: The Western US in the Past Year. In the light of experience and now many studies, how can one explain the extraordinary volatility of electricity prices in the western U.S. in the past year?
Session Three: Making Markets Work Under RTOs. Rapporteur's Summary, 34 pages. The FERC seized the initiative and made plain preferences for the size and scope of regional transmission organizations. The new initiatives changed both the definition of who would be in the room and the dynamic and development of RTOs. Having defined the boundaries, the next step is to define what happens within and across those boundaries.
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