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(Excel) .NetMap is an add-in for Office 2007 that provides social network diagram and analysis tools in the context of a spreadsheet. Adding the directed graph chart type to Excel opens up many possibilities for easily manipulating networks and controlling their display properties.

In this tutorial the steps needed to install and operate (Excel) .NetMap were reviewed. The (Excel) .NetMap add-in provides directed graph charting features within Excel, allowing users to create node-link diagrams with control over each node and edge color, size, transparency and shape. Since .NetMap builds within Excel, all of the controls and programmatic features of Office are available. Additional features of (Excel) .NetMap generate social networks from data sources like personal e-mail (drawing data from the Windows Desktop Search engine). Arbitrary edge lists (anything that can be pasted into Excel) can be visualized and analyzed in .NetMap.

This session provided a walk through the basic operation of .NetMap. Attendees submitted edge lists of interest. Sample data sets were also provided. Techniques for time slicing and filtering networks were highlighted.

Downloads - Visit the (Excel) .NetMap homepage to download the add-in as well as view instructional slides.

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