The 2017 Transforming Local Government Conference (TLG) will take place April 18 - 21 in Tulsa, OK. TLG 2017 is sure to be another exciting, unique experience for local government practitioners of all levels. And we can't wait for you to check out Tulsa itself! It's probably not the city you remember from 20 years ago. Click here to read more about the transformation Tulsa has made!  TLG will attract over 500 local government professionals at every level in the organization across the US and Canada. TLG is recognized for its dynamic content that encourages freethinking and fosters unprecedented ideas, all within a relaxed and professional networking and learning environment. If you had the chance to attend 2016's unique partnership with League of Minnesota Cities for TLG 2016, then surely you won't want to miss TLG 2017. And if you haven't had a chance to experience a TLG yet, well, find out what the TLG experience means.