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The buzzword of the twenty-first century is India-and it's not just a story of software, outsourcing, and faraway call centers. With 1.1 billion residents, the world's largest democracy is also the fastest-growing free market economy, the world's top destination for retailers, and possesses the world's youngest workforce (over 500 million under age 25).

India is now seen as a rising political and economic power that will wield considerable influence on the world stage in the twenty-first century. In Think India (excerpt), a lively new account of this stunning world-debut, the authors explain that technology is not the sole factor in creating opportunity in emerging economies.

While technology and outsourcing contributed $36 billion to the Indian economy last year, virtually every sector of its economy is growing, from tourism and manufacturing to retail sales and entertainment (Bollywood is the largest film industry in the world).

The Ash Institute for Democratic Governance and Innovation aseembled an international audience to discuss themes outlined in Think India, with one of the book's authors, Vinay Rai. Rai explained how India's democratic government, education system, values, innovation, modern institutions, and entrepreneurship will drive its success over the next half-century.

Vinay Rai is founder and president of Rai University (fourteen campuses nationwide), and is the former chairman and CEO of the Usha Group, a large Indian company that includes telecom and steel businesses. He's also the president of the Rai Foundation, dedicated to improving the quality of education at all levels in India. He was educated at Delhi University in India and MIT in the U.S.


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