Summit participants include leaders and advocates from the non-profit, public policy, philanthropy, business, and academic arenas that share a commitment to full economic and racial inclusion based on the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to participate and prosper in society.

Regional growth and development patterns profoundly impact the life circumstances of low-income people and communities of color. They are isolated in neighborhoods without living wage jobs or public transit to access employment in other parts of the region. Their children struggle in poor quality, deteriorating schools. They live in communities plagued with poor air and water quality and toxic sites. Their neighborhoods lack important services and amenities like grocery stores, banks, safe parks, and inviting public spaces. In response, there is a growing regional equity movement working to ensure that all individuals and families can participate in and benefit from economic growth and activity throughout regions.

The summit will be a unique opportunity to investigate the innovative strategies, policies, alliances, and coalitions advancing regional equity. Advocates from urban, suburban, and rural communities will share their experiences and strategize with one another about the opportunities and challenges of working together to build a movement. We will also share the progress being forged in promoting quality affordable housing, better schools, living wage jobs, environmental justice, and accessible public transportation.