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Procurement is built on standards and rules intended to protect the public trust and to be fair for vendors. How does one carve out space for trying new ideas within a culture where process trumps outcomes?

This Webinar, sponsored by the Government Innovators Network and the Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy, featured experienced city government officials who have been trusted with procuring social services. Each has committed their careers to both public service and unlocking the potential of innovation to drive progress. They shared their experiences promoting, from inside government, innovation within social service delivery systems often dominated by government funding and rules.

With participation from the audience, our panel derived a set of common sense principles and strategies to help public officials, social entrepreneurs, and citizens produce extraordinary social change.


The Power of Social Innovation (Book and website)

The Power of Social Innovation: Chapter 1.

Integrity in Public Procurement Should Not Be Kept a Secret, by David Gragan

The Public Contracting Process in Support of Entrepreneurial Solutions, by David Gragan

Social Innovation Knocks, by Stephen Goldsmith (about Linda Gibbs' work)