NADO's premier training conference will occur at the Westin Charlotte in Charlotte, NC in October 2018.  Staff is working on the content and agenda and information will be added periodically to the website.  Please bookmark this page and visit it often!
We hope you will join us in Charlotte for our 51st ATC...we will be offering a full slate of plenary and concurrent sessions, learning labs, conversation cafes, mobile workshops, peer networking opportunities and much more!
Registration will open on/about April 3, 2018.
Comments from some of the attendees from the 2017 ATC in Anchorage:
“NADO appears to be a top notch organization with great resources for support. As a new director I appreciated the information and networking opportunity.”
“This has always been the single best source of information and best practices available to us. Thank you, NADO!”
“NADO staff does a stellar job with the conferences and their hard-work is appreciated!”
“Shared sense of purpose and camaraderie is inspiring and uplifting. Dedication of role models and learning from their experience is very beneficial.”
“NADO conferences are extremely valuable in providing new information and best practices, as well as providing networking opportunities. They provide an annual "tune-up" in motivation, competency and adaptability. They also encourage us to look within our organizations to determine how we can make what we do more relevant and how we can innovate.”
“Attending NADO Conferences have always been a positive experience for me, not only because of the sessions/workshops, but also because of the peer networking and interaction with NADO staff. It is always one of the highlights of my job!”
“NADO conferences are a great place to network. Through networking and training Executive Directors can build confidence, glean new ideas, and be educated in working more efficiently with congressional members, legislators, and local elected officials. NADO advocacy is essential in keeping RDOs viable, respected, and prosperous.”