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A common theme across human services is the intense and relentless pace of change and disruption. Fueling this turbulence is convergence — a phenomenon in which technological, economic, and social factors coevolve to create a new operating environment and upend existing, institutional value proposition and legitimacy. It is imperative that human-services leaders understand how to shape convergence in order to transform their organization’s capacity to achieve desired outcomes and public value.

At the 2014 Human Services Summit, convened in late October 2014 at Harvard, the world’s foremost human-services practitioners, industry experts, and Harvard faculty gathered to examine both the peril and promise of convergence, and how best to respond. They explored adaptive leadership techniques to help mobilize their workforce, partners, and other stakeholders to develop a vision of transformation.

To help leaders examine convergence and build capacity for the future, this webinar further explored two cases presented at the summit. In Ireland, the Department of Social Protection executed a profound transformation during the country's economic recession, changing from an organization that managed transactions and back-office functions to an enterprise that improves outcomes through citizen-centric services and programs. And, in Ohio, the governor’s Office of Health Transformation leveraged resources across agencies in order to modernize Medicaid, streamline programs, and improve health-system performance.      

The panel shared various insights from the 2014 Human Services Summit, presented powerful examples from their organizations, and discussed leadership lessons on visioning and executing a transformation strategy amid convergence.


Niamh O’Donoghue, Secretary General, Ireland's Department of Social Protection

Rex Plouck, Governor’s Office of Health Transformation, State of Ohio


Antonio Oftelie, Fellow, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences


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