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It is clear the capabilities of emerging information technology and network-enabled business models offer unprecedented improvements in effectiveness and efficiency, but public sector leaders face immense challenges identifying, testing, and adopting the advances.

In this online event our experts highlighted strategies that leaders and institutions can use to keep up with these new capacities and reveal tactics pacing innovation within the governmental environment. They addressed questions such as:

  • What emerging technologies and business models will have the most impact on government?
  • How will emerging technologies change efficiency and effectiveness in government?
  • How should public sector leaders respond to these changes?
  • How should CIOs and CEOs of public sector organizations incubate and adopt new technologies?

This event, hosted by the Government Innovators Network and the LNW Program was one in a series of collaborations which feature prominent practitioners from business and government who provide insights into topical public policy challenges.



Leadership for a Networked World - Executive education workshop (Feb. 13-14, 2008)
     - also the LNW main web page

Office of the CIO - Department of Transportation

Information Technology Center for Harris County, Texas

Gartner, Inc. - A leading information technology research and advisory company.

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