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Some of today’s most valuable lessons about spurring social innovation come from the field of juvenile justice.

This Webinar, sponsored by the Harvard Kennedy School's Malcolm Weiner Center for Social Policy and by the Government Innovators Network, featured developers behind proven, innovative models in juvenile justice which resulted, at least in part, as a social entrepreneurial endeavor.

From this analysis our panel derived a set of common sense principles and strategies to help public officials, social entrepreneurs and citizens produce extraordinary social change. Ample time was set aside for audience Q&A.

This Webinar was the next in the Power of Social Innovation Series, a forum that focuses on facilitating social innovation and treating innovation as a process. Key questions explored in these Webinars include

  • What was the experience designing and growing the innovation?
  • What kinds of barriers were encountered?
  • How were these barriers surpassed?
  • How can leaders and public officials create a "fertile" environment for innovation?

Because the Webinars will emphasize process over product, each webinar in this series is be relevant to all policy makers and practitioners no matter your domain of public service.


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