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The Power of Social Innovation: Chapter 1 (book)

Reports on food access from The Reinvestment Fund

The Food Trust Website

"With a Little Help, Greens Come to Low-Income Neighborhoods" in New York Times.

Remarks by the First Lady at the Fresh Food Financing Initiative

National Healthy Food Financing Initiative

"Fresh Food for Urban Deserts" in New York Times

"Food Policy on the Menu" at

The USDA, HHS, and Treasury have jointly put up this website to discuss their work on the Healthy Food Financing Initiative

The Reinvesment Fund's Policy Map tool

Policy Link's Grocery Gap study

NY's Healthy Food Healthy Communties Fund

Michelle Obama's site Let's Move


The Power of Social Innovation Series features practitioner-led webinars on timely topics from education reform to economic development. Innovators share their experiences and insights with fellow practitioners, students and scholars from across the country. This installment examined the Fresh Food Financing Initiative, a public-private partnership that creatively uses subsidies to incent the development of stores that carry fresh, healthy food in underserved neighborhoods.


  • Rep. Dwight Evans, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
  • John Weidman, Deputy Executive Director, The Food Trust

Moderator: Julie Wilson, Harry Kahn Senior Lecturer in Social Policy; Director, Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy; Secretary for the Harvard Kennedy School